How do I add or edit customer accounts?

Updated Nov 23, 2019

How do I add a new customer?

When a service location has a change of occupants, it is  best practice to create a new customer account for the new occupant instead of changing the information on the existing account.  This maintains the history with the original account.

Best practice for rental properties is to keep the renter under Occupant and the owner under Owner.

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

  1. Click Customers tab
  2. Click Add New
  1. Enter Last Name, First Name, and Mailing Address
  2. Enter Contact Information
  3. Check if Owner of the location.  If checked, the new name will be saved as the owner on the Service Location.
  4. Check Charge Tax,  
  5. Double-click Service field
  1. Click to select the correct Service Location.
  2. Click Select,
  1. The Service Location will now be linked, Click Close.  

After Close, BIAS will auto-generate the account number.  BIAS will look at the last used account number and assign the next.  The number is stored in System > View Counters.

How do I edit a customer account?

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts


  1. Click Customers tab
  2. Click to highlight Account to edit
  3. Click View
  1. Click Edit to edit utility customer account information then click Save & Close.
How do I add or change a service location?

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

  1. Click Service Locations tab
  2. Click to highlight Service #,s
  3. Click Add New to add a new location or Edit to edit an existing location

From this edit mode Number, Dir, Street, Additional, Group, Owner, Route, Stop, E Stop, Cycle, Water, Electric, & Bill can be changed.

  1. Click Full Screen Edit
  1. Click Edit
  1. Select Send Bill, Yes to send to owner and Active Account , No to send to only Active Account or Only for owner to only get the bill.
  1. Select Owner or Tenant to edit desired profile.
  1. Double-click on Account to select the profile.
  1. Double click on desired account to edit
  1.  Select or click the blue magnifying glass to set Location
  1. Select City from menu. If applicable Add New City or Edit City.
  1. Check if Inside City Limits.
  1. Enter Parcel, Bldg, Lot and Size.
  2. Double click to select Route, Stop and select Cycle.
  1. Click Water tab.
  2. Double-click to add Meter Class.
  3. Enter default Units.
  4. Last Read will populate based the meter reads.
  5. Enter meter Register ID, MXU #, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Meter Factor

Best practice would be to using a work order to change out the meter. See How do I process meter changeout work orders?

  1. Select Water Meter Size or click blue magnifying glass to add or edit meter sizes
  1. Click Sewer tab
  2. Double-click to add Meter Class
  3. Enter default Units
  4. Click Electric tab and repeat steps 22-23
  5. Click Save & Close

Updated information entered in a Full Screen Edit will appear in Service Locations tab after clicking Save & Close.

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