How do I create billing adjustments?

Updated Nov 22, 2019

When payments and bills are applied incorrectly, use billing adjustments for corrections to fix the balances.

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

  1. Click Customers tab
  2. Click to highlight the customer that needs the adjustment.
  3. Click Activity
  1. Click Add Adjustment
  1. Choose Bill Type
  2. If adjustment is a credit, click Apply As Credit.
  3. Enter total Days if the adjustment is prorated.
  4. Customer Information will populate automatically.
  5. Enter 'A' in Bill Type for adjustments.
  6. If Consumption is needed for the adjustment, enter it here.
  7. Enter Memo to explain the reason for the adjustment.
  8. If creating a bill, click Assign Defaults.  This will populate default rates.  If Apply As Credit has been checked, it will reverse the rates for a credit.
  9. If not using defaults, enter adjustments manually.
  10. Verify adjustments are correct, then check Confirm to Write.
  11. Click Write Bill

The adjustment will appear in the customer's activity. The current balance will adjust.

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