How do I use bill copies?

Updated Jan 10, 2020

Bill Copies allows the account and the property owner to receive copies of the bills.

How do I turn on Bill Copies?

Go to Utility Billing > Utility Setup

  1. Click Setup 1 tab
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select Yes from Use Bill Copies
  4. Click Save

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

Bill Copies Button and a Bill Copies Tab will now show.

How do I use bill copies?
  1. Click to highlight the desired Account.
  2. Click Bill Copies
  1. Click Add New
  1. Click Yes, to confirm

The account owner and the property owner will populate.  Click Add New to add additional lines as needed.

Account and Location are synchronized from their respective account/service location tables.  All other types allow the account and address information to be edited.

  1. Edit to edit the Bill Copies table.
  2. Delete the line if needed,  Account and Location cannot be deleted.
  3. Undo the current line being edited if needed
  4. Write Defaults will prompt to write the defaults.  This is similar to Add New when the table is empty.
  5. Clear removes all entries and returns account printing options back to default settings.
  6. Types select from a list of type options.


These are the default settings when added to the list.  'If Past Due' is not in here so you will need to manage those manually.  'Account' and 'Location' are default types that cannot be renamed or deleted.

Prop Man and Addtl Copies were added by default.  They can be renamed or deleted as needed.  Add additional types as needed.

Table Options

  1. Click Edit
  2. Select the bill Type from the drop-down
  3. Account number is optional.  If this person is not needed in the account list, leave the account number blank
  4. Enter Name and Address to the bottom portion of the screen.  The Name in the table will populate after Last Name/First Name is entered.
  5. Check Bill Active, Late Active, ShutOff Active  to send bills if the account is active.
  6. Check Bill Inactive, Late Inactive, ShutOff Inactive  to send bill send bills if the account is inactive.
  7. Check If Past Due to only send bill if account is past due.
  8. If Active is not checked all account settings are ignored.

In the Bill Copies Tab all accounts with Bill Copies are shown and can be mangaged from the screen.

Additional Information

Go to Utility Billing > Print Utility Bills

  1. Click Show to display the list of bills to be printed.
  1. Account - account number being billed
  2. Order - Based on Print By order
  3. Check Copy  for bill to be printed as a copy
  4. Source - A = From Account List, S = From Service Location, B = From Bill Copies.
  5. If logic needs to be viewed for the highlighted line, click on Bill Copies in the toolbar.
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