How do I generate a report of customers by billing class?

Updated Dec 24, 2019

Generate a report of customers by billing classes for various government agencies to show how many customers an entity has by each rate class.  

This report can also be generated in the Sewer, Garbage, and Electric tabs.

Go to Utility Billing > Utility Setup

  1. Click Water tab
  2. Click Print Users
  1. Select Class
  2. Click Print
  1. Check Print Detail to generate a list of the customers under each class.  Leave unchecked to generate summary totals.
  2. Check Include 0 Class to include the No Service class.
  3. Check New Page On Class to report each class on a separate page.
  4. Check Highlight Only to report only the class selected from the drop down menu in the previous screen.
  5. Select Inactive to include or exclude active accounts.
  6. Select Order to sort the order of the print detail.
  7. Click Preview, Printer or PDF to print or save report.

The report shown below is an example generated using the settings above with all fields unchecked.

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