How do I setup Budget Billing?

Updated Dec 24, 2019

Budget Billing Setup

Establish a plan to decide when to review Budget Billing amounts and confirm that the correct amounts are being charged. Handling an overage/underage on the account should also be determined before Budget Billing is used. Creating a written agreement for Budget Billing is recommend.  Included should be, how to read the bills and have a signature line for the client agreeing to pay the Budget Billing amount.

This process has to be done in an open billing period. Budget Billing user rights must also be assigned to user setting up the Budget Billing, user right is budget. Please contact BIAS Support if you need assistance with user rights.

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

  1. Click to highlight desired customer Account
  2. Confirm the account has a zero Balance.  Best practice would be that the customer account is paid in full before changing the account to Budget Billing.
  3. Click View
  1. Click Edit
  2. Check Budget Billing
  3. Click Save, after edit is clicked button will change to save
  4. Click on blue magnifying glass next to Amount

Do not be in Edit mode when you click on the magnifying glass!

  1. Confirm months to average Dates
  2. Confirm Start Date
  3. Select Refund Type, this is a custom field created by each entity.
  4. Click Generate
  1. Check Existing + Balance if desired
  2. Enter % Increase for each category if necessary.
  3. Click Run
  1. Estimated amount as shown here will then be entered in the customer screen.
  1. Enter Amount from Estimated field
  2. Enter Start Date
  3. Click Save or Save & Close
How do I read the bills?
  1. After the bills have been created, the customer activity will show the actual Charge to the customer.
  2. A Budget Billing customer will now show a  Budget Billing line on their account.
  1. The Budget Billing screen will show the Budget Billing Charge for the month.
  1. The printed bill will show the current amount with the usage.
  2. The remittance section of the bill will reflect the Budget Billing amount.
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