How do I setup Xpress Billpay?

Updated Dec 24, 2019

Xpress Billpay can be setup in BIAS before they start with Xpress Billpay service.

Go to Transactions > Warrant Checking Accounts

  1. Click Add New
  2. Add Xpress EFT as a new cash account

Go to Windows Explorer on clients computer

  1. Add two new folders to BIAS_6 > Reports or entities preferred location.
  2. Name one Xpress Download
  3. Name one Xpress Upload

Go to Transactions > Vendor Accounts

  1. Click Add New
  2. Add Xpress Billpay as a vendor.
  3. Click Save & Close

Go to Utility Billing > Utility Setup


  1. Click Setup 2 tab
  2. Select Xpress Default Vendor to Xpress Billpay
  3. Select Xpress CC Account to client's main bank account
  4. Select Xpress EFT Account to Xpress EFT
  5. Enter Xpress Bills Folder to file path for Xpress Bills folder
  6. Enter Xpress Download Folder to file path for Xpress Download folder
  7. Enter Xpress Upload Folder to file path for Xpress Upload folder
  8. Select Xpress Upload Type to Xpress

Go to Utility Billing > Print Utility Bills

  1. Double-click on Billing Date and select the last closed billing date.
  2. Click Printer
  3. Click Cancel to let the process cycle and generate a file.
  4. Repeat Steps 15-17 for the previous two closed billing dates to generate 3 months worth of history for Xpress.

Go to Utility Billing > Xpress


  1. Go to Xpress Upload for recording transactions.  Use the version on top, most current.
  2. Go to Export In House Payments to record cash & check payments made on location for Xpress history.
  3. Go to Export Adjustments for updating Late Fees and Adjustments for Xpress.

Go to the User Rights Setup to add the Xpress interface for the client.  Right is 497F617937 Utilities_OnlineBillPayAccess.

Optionally, the default download location on the clients internet browser can be set to the location of the Xpress Download folder.

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