How Do I Add A New Permit?

Updated Jun 02, 2017

Creating a single permit is a simple process that can be done very quickly after setting up the defaults in the Advance Setup.

To Create A Permit

Go to Permitting > Control Center > Parcels Tab

  1. Select the parcel that the permit will be added.
  2. Click View.
  3. Click the Add Permit button.
  1. If the permit should be asssigned to a project, double-click on the Projects Number field and choose the project.

A project must already be created to add a permit to it.

  1. Choose the permit type.
  2. Double-click on the Parcel Number field if a different parcel is desired.
  3. Choose the Building Number for the parcel.
  4. Double-click on the Applicant Number field to change or add the applicant if the account number was not brought over from the parcel.
  5. Double-click on the Contractor Number field to find a contractor, or leave the same as the applicant if the applicant will be acting as the contractor.  If the contractor is unknown, click the TBD box (To Be Determined).
  6. Enter the Description of Work, if desired.
  7. Click Add to create the permit.

The Permit Screen will be available in the Permits Tab.  The next steps should be to verify/set the fees, review what approvals and inspections, if any, need to be met, and any additional contacts.

If a deposit is required before a permit is reviewed, such as a plan check fee, a deposit invoice can be created.  See How Do I Record Deposits In Permitting? for how to invoice a deposit.

The Allow Deposits checkbox must me checked in the Advanced Setup under the Permits tab for deposits to be available.

If no approvals required, the permit may be invoiced at this time, otherwise approvals must be passed.  See How Do I Invoice A Permit Or Project? on how to invoice a permit.

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