How Do I Record Parcels?

Updated Jun 02, 2017

Parcels define a property in BIAS Permitting.  Information found in the parcel screen includes subdivision information, zoning, occupancy type, etc., as well as the legal description and owner and occupant information.  Parcels may be added or modified in the Control Center and the Parcel tab.

Creating A Parcel
  1. To create a new parcel click Add Parcel.
  2. To edit an existing parcel, click View.  

After selecting a parcel, all information should be reviewed and updated any time a new permit and/or project is created.  The more up-to-date and accurate the parecl is, the more accurate the data transferred to the permit will be.  Parcel number, address number, direction, street name, city, state, and zip are the suggested minimum.  However, adding owner and occupant will greatly speed up the permitting process later.

  1. To add an owner or occupant of the parcel, double-click the Account box to view the customer list, or information may be added manually.  

Account numbers are suggested so the owner information may be passed on to the permits and projects created at a later date on the parcel.

  1. Legal Description is for any legal information that is required for that parcel and is included on the permit when printed out.  
  2. Comments are internal notes for the parcel and Imported Dated is used when outside date is imported into BIAS.
  3. The Google Maps button opens Google Maps to provide a visual cue to the locations of the parcel as well as any surrounding features.
  4. The GIS button provides a quick link to the webpage set by the Edit button.
  5. The Add Project and Add Permit buttons will add a new project or permit to the current parcel.

The Google Maps and GIS buttons are not available in the BIAS Hosted environment.

Multiple Locations on One Parcel

BIAS Permitting also allows tracking of multiple buildings, lots, locations, etc. on a parcel.  This is typically used for large parcels such as a university, mobile home lot, and warehouses that have multiple locations that all have separate work on them.

To create a new building on a parcel:

  1. Choose the parcel that has the additional building, then click Add Building.
  2. A pop-up will verify that a building should be added to this parcel.  Select Yes.
  3. Name the building.  This should be anything to identify the building at a glance.  For Example:  'Jefferson Building' or 'Lot 15'.
  4. Information from the original parcel will be automatically entered into the new building information.  Verify that the information is correct.  Click Edit if any changes are necessary.
  5. Click Close or Save & Close to save the new building.

This will create two entries for the parcel.  One named 'Primary' and the second will have the name from Step 3.

Change a Parcel Number

Parcel numbers may change from time to time, or may be found to be incorrect.  If a parcel number is incorrect and needs to have all items (permits, projects, etc.) located on the current parcel to move to the new number, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Change Number in the toolbar on the Parcel window.
  2. Enter the new parcel number and press the Tab key.  This will verify that the current parcel number is not in use.  If it is and the two parcels should be merged together, click the Confirm Merge checkbox.
  3. Click Apply Change.  The new parcel number will now be in the available parcels.

The new parcel number may disappear because of filtering or sorting of the parcel numbers.  Refresh the filters to correct.

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