How Do I Record Deposits In Permitting?

Updated May 01, 2018

Deposits are used when an up-front cost needs to be paid before the permit can become active.  this is generally a plan check fee or review fee, but can be used anytime the tech needs to have the applicant pay a fee, but does not wish to invoice the entire permit.  Deposits are rolled into the next invoice as payment towards that invoice.

To create a deposit:

  1. On the desired permit screen, click Create Deposit.
  2. The Write Deposit screen will open.  Select the Source of the deposit.
  3. Enter the Invoice Type for this deposit.  The plan check fee will be defaulted in.
  4. Enter the total deposit that is required.
  5. Add a memo to the deposit if necessary.  A note as to what the deposit is for can be helpful later.

Contact the Finance Department if there are questions about the Source type or the Invoice type.  

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