How do I enter payments into General Ledger if Cash Receipting is not used?

Updated Nov 07, 2019

Treasurer's Receipts and Utility payments can be entered directly into General Ledger if Cash Receipting application is not used.  

Go to Transactions > General Ledger

Treasurer's Receipts
  1. Click Add New
  1. Select Date, typically today, but can back dated or future dated
  2. Select Type TrRec (Treasurer's Receipt)
  3. Enter Vendor number or double click to select vendor from list

When creating receipts it is important to select a specific customer for a receipt where the history may need to be researched in the future. For items such as copies consider using a generic item such as “Walk-in Customer.”

  1. Enter total Amount of the receipt
  2. Select Account, defaults to a predefined cash account, but may be changed if necessary
  3. Check EFT if payment is an electronic transaction
  4. Receipt # will populate automatically and is assigned when the entry is saved
  5. Enter Memo
  6. Highlight the transaction and enter the Distribution, typically to revenue accounts

The distribution can be made to an individual or multiple BARS accounts.  The amount on the distribution lines will always default to the remaining balance the that has not been applied to an account.

  1. Confirm that the Transaction Balance is zero
  2. Click Save & Next or Save & Close
Utility Payments

Utility Payments are entered differently as the balances are linked to the Utility Billing Module.  Single entry and batch payments are entered in the same way.

Once a billing period is closed, a receipt can NOT be entered for a day prior to the billing date.  Ex:  If a bill is dated May 31 and has been printed, it will prevent any payments to be dated May 31 or before.

  1. Click Add New
  1. Select Date, typically today, but can back or future dated
  2. Select Type Util Pay (Utility Payment)
  3. Enter Vendor, double click to select Utility Payments Customer  This is a "dummy" customer used for for data entry purposes only
  4. Enter  Memo if desired
  5. Double click the Account field and highlight utility customer
  6. The customer's balance will populate in the Payment field after returning to the transaction  Click on payment amount to change the current balance to apply a partial payment.
  1. Highlight transaction and Enter Payment Type , for cash tab to Cash and amount will populate automatically

For Check enter Check # tab to Check Amount and amount will populate automatically

For Partial Check and Cash payment enter Check # tab to Chk Amt and edit the check amount to amount paid, then tab to Cash and the remainder will automatically populate.

For Credit Card enter a reference number (usually the confirmation code) in the CC/EFT# field or enter "EFT", tab to the CC/EFT Amount the amount will automatically populate.

BIAS automatically distributes the payment to the appropriate utility.

Once the payment is entered, the Payment Balance must be zero to move onto the next payment or close the screen.

If multiple utility payments are being received repeat steps 1-7. Do NOT click Save & Next or Save & Close.  If only one payment is needed or all additional payments have been entered, then click Save & Close.

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