How do I set up EFTs for Claims?

Updated Oct 16, 2019

Contact your bank to make arrangements for making Electronic Fund Transfers.  Depending on the bank, this may take several weeks.  Allow plenty of time prior to the first payment needed.

Enter Vendor Bank Information

Go to Transactions > Vendor Accounts

  1. Click to highlight desired Vendor
  2. Click View

  1. Click Edit
  2. Check Pay by EFT
  3. Enter the vendor's bank Routing & Account Number as one string starting with the routing number.
  4. Select Type checking or savings
  5. Click Save, Edit will change to save after it is clicked

Enter Entity's Bank Information

The bank account used for paying the EFTs needs to be set up with your entity's banking information.  Contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket for help setting this up.

  1. Click to highlight desired account to set up
  2. Click EFT information

  1. Enter Bank Account EFT Information

Create a Prenote File

Once the Vendor and your entities bank information has been setup, a Prenote file needs to be sent to the bank to confirm that payments can be sent to the vendor's account.

Go to Transactions > Electronic Funds Transfer

  1. Click Claims Prenote tab.
  2. Enter Date and Effective Date will be the current date of the Prenote.
  3. Select Acct # Bank account used for paying claims under .  Then the bank information will automatically populate.
  4. The list will show the vendors that will receive a file.  If there are ones that should not be sent, just uncheck the Select box.
  5. The Claims Folder will show the location that the Prenote file will be saved.  (This should be a secure folder location that has limited access to only those that need it).
  6. Click Create

  1. Enter a file name
  2. Click Open
  3. A confirmation will appear that the file has been created. Click OK

Follow the instructions from your bank for processing the Prenote file.

Congratulations, you are done!
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