Converting from Asset Connect V0.9 to V1.0

Asset Connect is upgrading from version 0.9 to version 1.0 and with this upgrade there is a change in the login process.  In order to use your Asset Connect account you must first create a new account with Okta.  To create your new account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) and navigate to Asset Connect and select Sign up
  1. Next Enter your account information to create an account.  You must use the same email that you used to create your original Asset Connect account
  1. After you enter your information you will need to verify your account, so go to your email and find the registration email.  Click on the red activate button.
  1. A loading screen will open and your account will be converting to the new login system.
  2. Next you will chose what account type you wish to use.  Choose either the Single User or Multi-user account.
  1. Follow the steps to enter your credit card information. (Card will not be charged until after trial.)
    1. Enter Coupon Code if applicable.
  2. Enjoy BIAS Asset Connect!

The next time you log in you may be asked a couple setup security questions. Otherwise, you're all set!