How Do I Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts will enable the use of BIAS without touching the mouse in many instances.  Entering Accounts Payable in particular can be done this way.

Useful Windows Shortcuts

<Ctrl-C>    Copy

<Ctrl-X>    Cut

<Ctrl-V>    Paste

<Ctrl-A>    Select All

<Alt-Backspace>    Restore edited field

Data Shortcuts

<F2> Undo

<F3> Delete - Must be on ‘Modify’ mode (Check Status bar, bottom right) (On occasion, BIAS logic allows it in ‘Query’ mode)

<F4> Insert

<F5> Call pick List, drill down (same as double clicking)

<F6> Wide Mode - if a text field is not completely displayed on screen, this will open a larger box that contains the whole text, pressing a 2nd time will close larger box

<F9> Exit current screen


<Ctrl-E> Create

<Ctrl-M> Modify

<Ctrl-Q> Query

<Ctrl-D> Ditto (When in 'Create' mode, repeats data in parked field from previous record and moves to the next field)

<PgDn> Table views, moves data view down one page of rows at a time  Single Record screens, moves to next record

<PgUp> Table views, moves data view up one page of rows at a time Single Record screen, moves to previous record

<Down> Table views, moves data view down one row at a time  Single Record screens, moves to next field

<Up> Table views, moves data view up one row at a time  Single Record screens, moves to previous field


If a table contains a field that allows multi-line editing, when the cursor reaches the bottom of the editing box the cursor will not move to the next row in the table unless you add SpecialSkipInMultiEdit = Y in the [MAGIC_SPECIALS] section of the magic.ini (support can help you do this)

Filtering Shortcuts

BIAS has custom filtering capabilities.   The functions below describes using the range (RNG) function to filter.

<Ctrl-R> or <F7>  Initiates ‘Range’ function for custom filtering.  It is the ‘Rng From’. Any values entered are assigned to the ‘Rng To’ value as well)

<F8> ‘Rng To’ (select ‘To’ value for range, this will default with the value from Ctrl-R or <F7>'Rng From')  

<Ctrl-E> Allows user to enter Range ‘Expression’

<F10> Applies selected range  (this needs to be pressed for the filter to be applied.

The search looks for words or amounts (like vendor name, check number, memo...)  A star (*) added to the end of the text allows for a broader search.

Example:  If creating a filter in the General Ledger for Amount between $50 - $150  :  Press <Ctrl-R>, enter the range from amount of $50 in the Amount cell, press <F8> then enter the range to amount in the Amount cell of $150 (this will over write the original range from amount of $50), press <F10> to apply the filter.  All entries with the amount of $50-$150 will be listed.

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

<Ctrl-F8> Resets screen the cursor is parked on to its default formatting.

BIAS ‘remembers’ where you move some screens to and allows you to resize and relocate columns in a table.  So if you edit a payroll entry or employee and BIAS acts like it has ‘frozen’, it is likely it is displayed off screen.  (Perhaps your hardware display properties have changed) or a column in a table no longer appears, this keyboard shortcut will restore the screen back to it’s original position (allowing you to see it!)

If you end up with some of your screens having scroll bars you must use to move around to see different sections of a screen, Go To:  Help > Clear User Form States.  This will fix complex screens that don’t want to display correctly


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