What does "Error #3012" mean?

Error #3012 usually indicates that the Pervasive service is not running on either the server, client or both. It is typically resolved by using the following steps.  Intermittent problems when the service is running indicates a firewall issue.

Verify Service Is Running
  1. Open the Start Menu. Type "services.msc" and open the desktop app.
  2. Check the server first, if all the workstations cannot open BIAS the service is probably not working on the server.  If some individual workstations work while others do not, check the services on the client machines with the error.
  1. From the list of local services, find the Pervasive PSQL services.  v13 will be listed under Actian rather that Pervasive.  Text after Pervasive PSQL may vary based on version and type, in some cases there will be 2 lines.  Make sure all are 'Running'.  If not running, select 'Start the service'
  1. Right click and select Start or Restart.
Network Settings

If restarting does not resolve the error, your machine's network settings may be the source of the error.

  1. From the Start Menu, type "Control Panel" and open the desktop app.
  1. Select Network and Internet.
  1. Select Network and Sharing Center.
  1. Review the active network. If the active network is a Public Network, this is likely the source of the error. The network should be a Domain Network or Private Network. How to Change the Network Profile.
Modify Service Start Up Type
  1. From the Start Menu, type "services.msc" and open the desktop app.
  1. From the list of local services, find Pervasive or PSQL.
  1. Right click and select Properties.
  1. From the General tab of the Properties window, set the Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start). Then click apply.
  2. Close the properties window.
Intermittent connection errors

Sometimes the Windows Firewall causes intermittent 3012 errors, the following ports have to be open in order for Pervasive to communicate effectively: 

  • TCP: 3351 for the transactional interface
  • TCP: 1583 for the relational interface
  • TCP: 139 for named pipes.

Add a New Rule... for both Outbound & Inbound traffic for these ports on both the Host and Client machine. 

Rule Type = Port

Action = Allow the connection

Profile = 'Domain'

Name = 'Pervasive Inbound'

Do the same for the Outbound rules with name of Pervasive Outbound

If the error has not been resolved, contact BIAS Support for assistance.


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