How do I change my network profile?

Sometimes a Windows Update or outside process will change your Network from a Private to Public Network.  This will often result in poor performance among other issues.  So... if performance has always been good but suddenly is not, this is a possible explanation.

These steps describe how to change the network profile from Public to Private.

Update network profile using PowerShell (preferred method).
  1. From the Start Menu, type "ISE" and the following options will appear. (It is best to avoid the x86 option).
  1. Right-click and select 'Run as administrator'
  1. Copy and paste the following line of code into the opened prompt then press enter.

Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private

  1. Your firewall settings will now be set to private.
Update network profile manually

Administrative access is required to perform this task.

  1. From the Start Menu, type "secpol.msc" and open the console document.
  1. Select Network List Manager Policies
  1. Right click on the network and select Properties.
  1. From Network Location, set the Location Type to Private.

Please contact your IT provider if you are not able to check or modify these settings.


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