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How is the on-prem BIAS directory structured? (Local Install Only)

  1. BIAS_6
    • "BIAS Root Folder"
    • Contains complete folder structure for BIAS.
  1. backupdata
    • The backup program places backups in this directory. This will only be seen by the backup client.
  1. Data
    • All data files and error files are stored in this location. Also contains Magic.ini and BIAS_usr.eng.
  1. Documentation
    • Holds various documents and other items, used infrequently.
  1. Install

Contains all files necessary to install BIAS, as well as the primary shortcut (BIAS_6.Ink). Install files for Pervasive, uniPaaS, and logmein are contained in this directory as well. 

  1. Graphics
    • Contains various images.
  1. PSQL11.30
    • Holds files necessary to install Pervasive.
  1. PVSWCache
    • Stores files for Pervasive.
  1. Shared (1)
    • This directory contains Pervasive's core runtime files.
  1. Program Files
    • Includes all uniPaaS base files and holds its own folder structure.
  1. Gateways
    • Contains files that will search for database gateways.
  1. Graphics
    • Holds primary BIAS shield shortcut, as well as icons for the test company.
  1. Shared (2)
    • Contains all uniPaaS core runtime files. Note that this is where BIAS will be updated to newer versions.
  1. SoapClientModules
    • Generally empty and can typically be ignored.
  1. Support
    • Includes several files that allow users to set the font and colors in BIAS.
  1. Script Documents
    • Not yet in use.
  1. Test
    • Generally holds data and magic.ini for test company.


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