Where is BIAS Installed?

To find where BIAS is installed on your on-premises server, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the BIAS icon.  

This icon is the one used to open BIAS and is typically found on your desktop.

  1. Right click on the icon and choose “Properties”.
  1. A new window will open.

The “Target” field is where BIAS is installed.  In this example; BIAS is installed on the same computer being used.  In many cases it will be installed on a server and the “Target” field will be similar to “//<computername>/BIAS_6” or “<shareddrive>/BIAS_6”.

<computername> is the name of the server.  

An example would be “//cityserver/BIAS_6/”

<shareddrive> will be the shared name that your IT provided you for easier access to BIAS.  

An example would be “E:\BIAS_6/”