How do I install myBIAS?

  1. Go to client's data directory.
  2. Copy Magic.ini
  3. Paste Magic.ini
  4. Rename to myBIAS.ini
  5. Open myBIAS.ini with notepad
  6. Locate "Start Application Line"
  7. Change "StartApplication" to path to myBIAS.ecf (C:\BIAS_6\Program Files\Shared\ViewInExcel\myBIAS.ecf)
  8. Change "InputPassword" from "Y" to "N"
  9. Change "InputDate" from "Y" to "N"
  10. Go to any BIAS shortcut
  11. Copy shortcut
  12. Paste Shortcut
  13. Rename shortcut to "myBIAS"
  14. Right click and choose properties
  15. Change the "Magic.ini" to "myBIAS,ini"
  16. Share shortcut to client machines