How do I Install/Move BIAS?

Copy BIAS to New Server
  1. Locate the "BIAS_6" folder on the original server.
  2. Copy the entire contents and the "BIAS_6" folder to the new server.
Modify magic.ini for New Server Paths
  1. Navigate to the "BIAS_6/Data" folder on the new server.
  2. Open the magic.ini file with a simple text editor such as notepad.
  3. Modify any paths in the magic.ini that have changed by moving from the original to the new server.
    1. Example: Change "C:\BIAS_6\Program Files\Shared\bias_6.ecf" to "D:\BIASDATA\BIAS_6\Program Files\Shared\bias_6.ecf" if the new server has Bias installed in "D:\BIASDATA" instead of simply on the "C:" drive on the original server.

If myBIAS is installed as well, the above steps will need to be followed in myBIAS.ini

Install Pervasive on the New Server

To install Pervasive on the new server, follow the steps located here:

How do I install the Pervasive database?

Activate the Pervasive License on the New Server

To deactivate the Pervasive License, follow the steps located here: 

How do I activate or deactivate a Pervasive License?

Install Shorcuts

First the local shortcut will need to be modified on the new server to make setting up client shortcuts easier later.  To modify the shortcut follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "BIAS_6\Installation" folder on the new server.
  2. Select the BIAS shortcut icon, right click, and select properties.
  3. Change the path in the "Target", making sure to read the entire path as the "Target" field may have more than one path in it.
  4. Change the path in the "Start In" field to point to BIAS on the new server.  This field may be empty and if it is, skip this step. 
  5. Click the 'Change Icon...' button.
  6. Select the BIAS icon from the "BIAS_6\Program Files\Shared\graphics" folder on the new server.  

After the shortcut on the new server has been setup, follow these steps to install the client shortcuts to access BIAS from the server:

How do I create BIAS shortcuts?