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How Do I Install BIAS On A New Computer?

These instructions are for adding BIAS to a new computer when BIAS already exists on the network.

Locate folder under BIAS_6 named ‘Install’ or ‘Installation Files.’ This location should have the needed files, if not, BIAS can transfer them to you.

Install the Pervasive Client

  • Determine Pervasive version and type. Pervasive versions 10.##.###.###, 11.##.###.###, and 13.##.###.### are currently used by BIAS and will be installed either as a Server or Workgroup on the server. 
    • Look in the installation folder to see which version is in use. 11.30 is the most common release. Some customers may have 11.10, 11.20, 13.10 or 13.20 and there are some various v10.## out there as well. 
    • If Pervasive was upgraded at some time there may be multiple versions in the folder, if you are not sure which to use, log into the server, check the programs list, it should have the current version listed.
    • Starting with v13, the exe's still start with PSQL but it will be named/installed under Actian not Pervasive in the Programs list.
    • Examples of Pervasive Versions
      • PSQL-Server-
      • PSQL-Workgroup-

If there is a ‘Server’ version, the ‘Client’ exe needs to match. 

Workgroup versions prior to 11.30.###.### can use either the ‘Client’ exe or if there is no client.exe in the install folder, the Workgroup install contains the install client option. 

If the version is 11.30 or higher and there is no client exe, BIAS Support can provide that.

A full workgroup install on a client works but the client install is preferable.

  • Once the client install exe is located:
    • Run it
    • Install as a service not application
    • Use defaults for the remaining options.


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