How do I update BIAS?

Before updating BIAS, read the release notes for the latest version to understand the new features and updates from the prior release.

Are you hosted or a non-hosted client?

BIAS Hosted Clients have BIAS stored on the Cloud and are required to log into the Hosted environment prior to logging into the BIAS program.  BIAS Non-Hosted (or On Premises Clients) are those that have the BIAS program installed on their own computer or their own network server.

Hosted Clients do not need to take any action to update BIAS.  Updates are automatically completed by the BIAS staff.  If it is desired to receive an update earlier than the general release date, contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket.

Go to Help > Backup/Update BIAS_6

If Backup/Update BIAS_6 is not visible under the Help menu, contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket.

  1. Confirm that there are no other users, other than the user updating BIAS, currently logged in.  If any users are logged in, notify users to close out of BIAS before continuing.

  1. Once all users are out, update the list by clicking Refresh

  1. If there are sessions that are still open with Login dates prior to the current day, click Close All

  1. After all users are closed out of BIAS, click Backup Files, this is a required step before updating.

A black screen will pop-up showing the files backing up.  A percentage will show on the right to indicate the progress to completion.  When the back up process is done, a new window will open with the file location of the back up file.  Nothing needs to be done with this unless the system needs to be restored.  If that is needed, contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket.

  2. Check Select for desired update

If there are more than one update listed and the most current will not select, try selecting a prior update.  It may be required to update to the prior update before proceeding to the most current.

If the Beta is checked on an update, it is new version that is being tested and has not been approved for general release.

  1. Click Update BIAS

If the message below appears that the system is unable to connect to the file server, the update will fail.  Contact BIAS Support for a manual update.

A pop-up box will appear notifying that the update process has started.  Be patient and ignore any Not Responding messages.  Wait for BIAS to complete the update process.

A pop-up box will appear notifying that the installation is complete, and that BIAS needs to restart to finish the installation.

  1. Click OK, and BIAS will close
  2. Restart and log on to BIAS

When BIAS reopens, the update can be confirmed in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Congratulations, you are done!