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How do I run budget reports for analysis?

Use budget reports to analyze prior performance before creating the new budget.

5 Year Budget Comparison

Go to Reports > 5 Year Budget Comparison

  1. Unless Used Proposed Budget is checked, there is no need to change Year From or To.  Analysis is for prior year.  
  2. Check All Funds to organize the report by BARS code instead of Fund and then BARS code.  This is useful when generating reports for specific departments.
  3. Click Excel
  1. Select a file location and name the file export
  2. Click Open
  1. When Report Complete message appears, click OK.
Export Payroll Budget

Go to Advanced Payroll (v2) > Reports > Export Payroll Budget

  1. Select Year, should be set to current year
  2. Select Pay Cycle to Blank to generate the entire year
  3. Click Generate
  4. Click Excel to export


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