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How do I enter the proposed budget?

Go to Transactions > Chart of Accounts

The proposed budget can be entered in either Line View or Full View.  It is recommended to use Line View.

Proposed Budget Column

If the Proposed Budget Column is already visible, skip to Entering Proposed Budget.

  1. If Proposed Budget is not visible, Click Columns. This can be done from the main Chart of Accounts screen or the Line View.
  1. Click Edit
  1. Check View Proposed Budget
  2. Click Save

The columns can be dragged to change the order.  For example, if it is easier to move the Proposed Budget next to YTD, simply drag it there.  To reset to the original screen configuration, press Ctrl+F8 on the keyboard.

Entering Proposed Budget
  1. Click Line View, make sure the Proposed Budget Column is visible.
  1. Click Edit
  1. Click in the Proposed Budget cell.  Enter the amount of the proposed budget.
  2. Enter a Proposed Budget Note if Proposed Budget should be zero otherwise it can be left blank.  If it should be zero, a note is required.
  3. If a Proposed Budget cell is left blank and there is already an amount in the Budget cell, BIAS will use what is in the Budget cell.

Enter the Proposed Budget for all expense/expenditure line items.  Most users also enter budgets for revenue and beginning fund balances.

  1. When the Proposed Budget is entered fully or as desired, click Save.
Budget Requests

Some entities use the Budget Requests for Department Heads to enter requests for budget line items.  This guide shows how to add requests to the proposed budget.

Go to Transactions > Chart of Accounts

Filter can be used to limit BARS accounts

An example would be to filter by expense codes, this view filters out payroll expenses.

  1. Click to highlight BARS account
  1. Click Full View
  1. Go to the Budget Requests tab

Whoever is managing the budget for your entity should have user rights to add the items to the proposed budget. Contact BIAS support if you need assistance with this user right.

When the list of budget requests are visible:

  1. Click Edit
  1. Check the Select box to approve the request
  1. Click Apply Selected
  1. Choose Budget Proposal
  2. Check Update Memo
  3. Click Apply

The amount selected and the budget notes will appear in the Proposed Budget columns


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