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How do I modify the proposed budget?

Go to Transactions > Chart of Accounts

The proposed budget can be entered in either Line View or Full View.  It is recommended to use Line View.

  1. Click Line View, make sure the Proposed Budget Column is visible.
  1. Click Edit

Enter the Proposed Budget for all expense/expenditure line items.  Most users also enter budgets for revenue and fund balances.

  1. Click in the desired Proposed Budget cell to adjust. Enter new amount desired to the proposed budget.
  1. Enter a Proposed Budget Note, if it should be should be zero, a note is required.
  1. If a Proposed Budget cell is left blank and there is an amount in the Budget column, BIAS will use what is in the Budget column.
  1. When the Proposed Budget is entered, click Save.

The Budget Proposal Report can be re-printed as necessary.  


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