How do I post the budget?

Go to Reports > Budget Proposal

  1. Select Year
  2. Check New Page On Fund, this is checked by default.
  3. Check Departments Only if you are creating a report for council members and commissioners
  4. Check Changes Only if you want to show the changes to the budget
  5. Click  Preview, Printer, PDF or Excel to print or save report

Printing a copy of the Budget Proposal with changes only, will create a report to keep on file with the changes.  Once the budget has been updated, there will no historical record of the previous budget in BIAS.

  1. Click Update Budget
  1. Double click in Change Type field and enter new version code.  It is recommended to use YY-V as a naming convention.  Where YY is the year and V is the version of the budget. Example :  17-1 would be the original budget and 17-2 the first modification.
  1. Click Select
  1. Check Copy Proposal Notes To Budget Notes? use only to replace the budget notes. Leave unchecked if you want to keep the existing notes.
  2. Click Update


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