Xpress Bill Pay Reconciliation

If Xpress payments are imported into BIAS on a timely, regular basis, the Xpress reconciliation process will be very efficient.

The reports that are needed out of Xpress Bill Pay are the "Xpress Deposit Account Statement" and the "Reconciliation Report"

Xpress Bill Pay Account Reconciliation

The "Xpress Deposit Account Statement" is the Xpress report that will be used to reconcile the Xpress Bill Pay account in BIAS. This functions like a regular bank reconciliation.

Go to > Transactions > Reconcile Checking Accounts

  1. Select  Xpress Bill Pay from Account
  2. Select Period
  3. Enter beginning balance in Previous Statement Balance
  4. Enter total amount of Credits
  5. Enter total amount of Debits
  1. Check Select for all credits that have cleared the Xpress Deposit Account Statement, then click the Apply.
  1. Check Select for all debits that have cleared the Xpress Deposit Account Statement and click the Apply.

Once all items have been reconciled, make sure that the totals are in balance.   If they are not, look at your statement to see if you have missed a transaction or if you have reconciled more than you should have.

Reconciling Xpress Credit Card Payments in a bank account

The report to reconcile credit card payments automatically deposited into a bank account is the "Xpress Reconciliation Report"

Xpress allows you to select the specific types of transactions when generating this report. Only select credit cards payments.

Go to > Transactions > Reconcile Checking Accounts

  1. Select the bank account that Xpress Credit Card Payments are being deposited into.
  2. Reconcile Xpress Payments in BIAS that correspond with the Xpress Reconciliation Report and Bank Statement
  1. The goal with this process is to ensure that all credit card payments made through Xpress are recorded in BIAS and a bank account.

There may be some items in the Xpress Reconciliation Report that don't line up precisely with BIAS or bank statements. Review transactions around these to find a combination of items that reconcile, the nature of credit card payments causes this.


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