How do I record EFT Revenue?

Revenues directly deposited to a bank account typically get recorded after receiving monthly statements.  To keep this separate from other cash and check receipts, enter it directly to the General Ledger.

Go to Transactions > General Ledger

  1. Click Add New
  2. Enter Date transaction was received
  3. Select Type to Tr Rec Treasurer's Receipt
  4. Enter Vendor or person monies were received from. Enter number or double click in field to select from list.
  5. Enter total Amount of dollars deposited.
  6. Select the Account where monies were deposited and check the EFT box
  7. A Receipt # will automatically populate with a receipt number.
  8. Enter a Memo, fill in a short description of the revenues.
  9. Click Distribution tab, enter as many revenue codes as necessary to properly record the revenues received.
  10. Click Save & Next to start another transaction or Save & Close to finish.


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