How do I void a check?

Voiding a check should only be done when the check has NOT been sent.  If the check has been sent, you need to do a stop payment.  How do I create a stop payment?

The ability to Void is based on user rights.  Have your supervisor contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket if assistance is needed.

Go to Transactions > General Ledger

  1. Click to highlight transaction to be voided
  2. Click View

If the transaction has been reconciled, uncheck the Reconciled box before clicking void.

  1. Click Void

  1. If the transaction needs to be recreated, check Void Transaction.  The transaction will be voided and the accounts payable entry will move from Paid to Unpaid for editing and repayment.
  2. If both the transaction and the accounts payable need to be voided, check  Void Transaction and Void Accts Payables

  1. Enter a Reason for voiding the transaction.  This will appear in the Memo field on the transaction
  2. Click Void

  1. Click Print to make a copy of transaction for auditing records and attach to the voided check.

  1. Click Close

The transaction will show in the General Ledger with no amount, the reason entered and void checked.

Congratulations, you are done!


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