BIAS Help CenterFinancial Year End ProcessingHow do I amend the current budget?

How do I amend the current budget?

Go to Transactions > Chart of Accounts

Use the proposed budget cell to enter the budget amendments.  This can be entered in either Line View or Full View.  It is recommended to use Line View.

  1. Click Line View, make sure the Proposed Budget Column is visible.

  1. Click Edit

  1. Click in the Proposed Budget cell, enter the new budget amount.

  1. If the budget amendment should be should be zero, a note is required.

  1. If a Proposed Budget cell is left blank and there is an amount in the Budget column, BIAS will use what is in the Budget column.

  1. When the budget amendments are entered, click Save.

Budget Proposal Report

Go to Reports > Budget Proposal

  1. Select Year
  2. Check New Page On Fund , this is checked by default.
  3. Check Departments Only this is recommended for reporting to council and commissioners because the numbers are summarized by department.
  4. Click Changes Only to show changes to the budget.
  5. Click Preview, Printer, PDF, or Excel, to print or save report.

Printing a copy of the Budget Proposal with Changes Only, will create a report to keep on file with the changes to the budget.  Once the budget has been updated, there will not be a historical record of the previous budget in BIAS.

  1. Click Update Budget

  1. Double Click in Change Type to Define a new type.  It is recommended to use YY-V as a naming convention.  Where YY is the year and V is the version of the budget.  Example :  19-1 would be the original budget.  19-2 would be the first modification.

  1. Click Select

  1. Check Copy Proposal Notes To Budget Notes?  Check only to replace the budget notes.
  2. Click Update
Congratulations, you are done!


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