BIAS Help CenterFinancial Annual ReportingAm I ready to start Annual Reports?

Am I ready to start Annual Reports?

Have you reviewed the SAO's BARS Cash Manual Including Alerts & Changes?

Reviewing the Alerts and Changes will let you know about new expectations from the Auditors.

Got the SAO Website and review the alerts & changes.

Significant changes for this year:

  • BARS accounts for deposits that are not custodial activities have been changed
    • from 389/589 (389.10.00, 389.20.00, 589.10.00, 589.20.00)
    • to 382/582 (382.10.00, 382.20.00, 582.10.00, 582.20.00).
  • Disclose OPEB Liability on Schedule 09 and Notes to Financial Statements.
  • Disclose Defined Contribution Pension Plans in Notes to Financial Statements (i.e. deferred comp matches).
  • Disclose Component Units, Joint Ventures and Related Parties in Notes to Financial Statements as a separate note.  

Have you reviewed the BIAS Knowledge Base?

Reviewing the Knowledge Base helps with developing a plan for what needs to be done.

Can you log in to the SAO's Online Services via Secure Access Washington?

Follow directions from SAW_Access_SAO.pdf to setup a secure login.

Have you reviewed your prior year's annual reports?

This is important to look for changes, mistakes, or anything left incomplete before starting the new reports.

Review the prior year annual report.

If you do not have a copy, log in the SAO Online Services to review it.

Have you reconciled your cash & funds from the county and or bank statements to your December Treasurer's Report?

It is very important that the cash is reconciled and the December Treasurer's Report is in balance before starting the Annual Reports.

You are ready to start your Annual Reports.

Reconcile your cash & funds.

If you need help, then contact BIAS Support but this may incur additional costs.

You are ready to start your Annual Reports.

Congratulations, you are done!


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