BIAS Help CenterFinancial Annual ReportingHow do I update my BARS accounts?

How do I update my BARS accounts?

Make changes to BARS Accounts based on Alerts & Changes in SAO's BARS Cash Manual

  1. Go to System > Utilities >Change Revenue/Expense Codes

  1. Confirm the Year

  1. Enter the Current BARS Code

  1. Enter Change To BARS code

  1. Check Assign Alias  This will tie the new BARS code to the old BARS code from prior years to make year-over-year trend reports easier to read.
    • Be very careful if the the Combine Accounts box lights up.  Combining Accounts can not be undone.  If a new bars code is needed and not an existing one, check the Change To BARS number.

  1. Click Change
Congratulations, you are done!


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