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How do I tie out the schedules?

Tie Out Schedules

This step is to confirm that the balances tie out between the Treasurer's Report, C-4/C-5, Schedule 06, Schedule 07, and Schedule 11.

Using printed copies of the Treasurer's Report, tie the balances to the various reports.  Next to the balance make a tie symbol, such as a check mark, and note the report that is tied to the balance, then place a tie symbol and note on the corresponding report.

Ex:  The ending balance on the Treasurer's Report should have a tie symbol with Schedule 11 and the Schedule 11 Ending Balance should have a tie symbol with Treasurer's Report.

Print Treasurer's Reports

  1. Go to Reports > Treasurer's Report

  1. Print December Treasurer's Report for both the reporting year and the prior reporting year and January for the reporting year.  For help see How do I print the Treasurer's Report?

  1. Compare the ending of the prior year Treasurer's Report with the beginning balances for January of the reporting year for both funds and cash to confirm that there are no errors.

Print C-4/C-5

This is an income statement for each reportable fund as well as your entity in total.  Beginning and ending balances are separated based on reserved and unreserved portions.  The total ending balance for each fund should equal the ending balance column on the December Treasurer's Report.  The main groupings on the C-4/C-5 usually match the financial report in BIAS.  Rolled funds, however, present some challenges.  Please see the BARS manual for guidance on rolling funds.  The State Auditor's office will review funds to make sure only allowable funds are reported separately.

  1. Go to Reports > Annual Reports > C-4 / C-5 Report

  1. Select the reporting Tax Year
  2. Click Printer
  • The Beginning Fund Balances must match the Ending Fund Balances for the prior year C-4/C-5 (the online version from SAO) both in total and by reserved/unreserved classification. (This is tested upon submission of Schedule 01).
  • The Total Ending Fund Balance should match the Total Ending Balance on the reporting year's December Treasurer's Report.

Check Schedule 06

The Schedule 06 is also known as the Schedule Summary of Bank Reconciliation

  1. Go to Reports > Annual Reports > Schedule 06

  1. Select the reporting Tax Year

  1. Click C4/5 for the same year.  The C4/5 MUST be run prior to the Schedule 06.

  1. Click Preview for the C4/5 report
  2. Close the C4/5 window
  3. Click Printer for Schedule 06

Schedule 06 is working if:

  • C-4/C-5 Beginning Balance ties to GL Totals in Beginning Balance column.
  • C-4/C-5 Total Revenues and Total Other Increases ties to GL Totals in Receipts column.
  • C-4/C-5 Total Expenditures and Total Other Decreases ties to GL Totals in Disbursements column.
  • C-4/C-5 Total Ending Balance ties to GL Totals Ending Bank Balance.
  • Unreconciled Variance should be Zero
  • If Unreconciled Variance are not zero and/or total does not match, make sure all debits and credits from the bank statement are entered into all months of the bank reconciliation then rerun the Treasurer's Report for the entire year by using Batch Update.  Reprint the Treasurer's Report, Statements C-4/C-5, and Schedule 06 and check again.
  • If the Unreconciled Variance are still not zero and/or total still does not match, then the Schedule 06 may not be working.  Contact BIAS Support for troubleshooting.
  • Continue with this step & subsequent steps regardless of whether the Schedule 06  is working.

Selecting Preview, Printer or PDF for the Schedule 06 will also generate an Excel file.

  1. Click Statements

  • Statement data comes from Reconcile Checking Accounts. The ending balances of the Treasurer Reports and the bank reconciliation need to match.
  • It is good practice to sum all of the Deposits and Withdrawals from the Statements and tie them out to the Schedule 06.

  1. Click Adjustments

  1. Click Print
  • Save the adjustments report for the next audit.

Check Schedule 07

The Schedule 07 tracks the disbursement activity of each fund.

  1. Go to Reports > Annual Reports > Schedule 07

Click Printer

  • Issued should equal all claims and payroll disbursements for the year.  This should tie to Disbursements on the Schedule 11 in Column 9.  This can be double-checked using a Transaction report filtered for claims and payroll transaction types.
  • Redeemed equals all bank statement items returned.  Assume this number is correct.
  • Canceled are voids and stop payments.
  • Ending Outstanding Items should tie to the outstanding items on the reporting year's December Treasurer's Report.

Check Schedule 11

The Schedule 11 tracks the flow of cash through each fund and is linked to both the Schedule 07 and C-4/C-5.

  1. Go to Reports > Annual Reports > Schedule 11

Click Printer

  • The Beginning Balance of the Schedule 11 should match the combined Ending Balance of the prior year Schedule 11.  The Beginning Balance on Schedule 11 should also match the beginning C-4/C-5 balance.
  • Disbursements on the Schedule 11 should equal Issued on the Schedule 07.
  • For Roll Funds, the Ending Balance by fund, and in total, should tie to the ending C-4/C-5 balance.
  • If the funds are unrolled, the Ending Balance should tie to the ending fund balances on the Treasurers Report.
  • Review the report to make sure no mismatched transfers occurred.  This is a good quick check for Interfund Accounts.
Congratulations, you are done!


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