BIAS Help CenterFinancial Annual ReportingWhat do I need to do if I am going to the workshop?

What do I need to do if I am going to the workshop?

For workshop attendees, you are ready for the workshop so take a break!

At the workshop you will be provided with laptop & your BIAS data. Bring or provide to BIAS ahead of time:

  • Amortization schedules for Schedule 09 & Debt Service Requirements note
  • Accrual balance spreadsheet for Schedule 09
  • Details of
    • Grants for Schedules 15 & 16
    • Investments, property taxes, interfund loans, other post-employment benefits, pension plans and other disclosures notes
    • Look at Excel Tables for Schedules & Notes.xlsx from BIAS Files folder to see what other details that may be needed
  • Word docs from your insurance carriers for your Risk Management note
  • Prior year report & preparer files


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