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How do I create the Schedule 09?

This schedule presents the debt of your entity.  It includes long-term loans, short-term lines of credit, the balance of compensated absences that would be payable upon termination, and any net pension liabilities you may have.

  • Copy the Schedule09.xlsx from SAO Files to Preparer Files.
  • Add your liabilities for compensated balances & pensions (exclude pension assets).
  • Add your debt based on your amortization schedules (reductions are principal only).
  • ID numbers (NNN.NN) are in the SAO Manual.

Open the Schedule 09 Excel template.

If the supplied notes in the form are not needed:

  • Click Enable Editing if needed.  Go to Review tab & unclick Show All Comments

In the Description column, type "Compensated Absences".

  • Ending Balances from the prior year Schedule 09 will be the current year Beginning Balance.  ID No. can also be copied from the prior year Schedule 09, but you should double check them to make sure they are correct.  Any lines with an ending balance in the prior year must have a beginning balance, even if the ending balance for the reporting year is $0.

  1. Copy the total for Schedule 09 and paste it the Ending Balance cell for Compensated Absences on the Schedule_09 worksheet.

Use the Paste Special Values feature by right clicking the the receiving cell.

If the Ending balance is greater than the Beginning balance, it is an addition.  If it is less than the beginning balance it is a reduction.  The difference between Beginning and Ending balances would go into the appropriate column.  

In this example, the difference is an addition because the ending balance is greater than the beginning balance.

Upload now and resolve any flagged issues and/or calculated variances

Congratulations, you are done!


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