BIAS Help CenterFinancial Annual ReportingHow do I create Excel tables for Notes to the Financial Statement?

How do I create Excel tables for Notes to the Financial Statement?

Finish the tabs in Workbook for Schedules and Notes.xlsx.

Fund tab

  • Indicate if you have or don't have specific types of funds

Reserved Balances tab

  • Enter the fund name, reserve amount, and reason for reserved balances, if you have reserved balances.

Budget Compliance tab

Go to:  Reports > Annual Reports > Financial Statement Budget

  • If your entity budgets for ending fund balance and these amounts are included in your entity's legally adopted budget, the "Include 508"  must be checked when you run this report.
  • Click Export button

  • Copy & paste into the Budget Compliance tab

Note: The rolled budget will not match the budget by fund in total if your entity budgets for interfund transfers because these are eliminated in the rolling process.

Investments tab

Enter the type of investment, amount of investment, and total.  This does not need to be done for each individual account, it can be grouped by type.

Property Tax tab

  • Enter the levy type, price per 1,000, & assessed valuation.  
  • The amount of the levy will automatically calculate based on what was entered.
  • If uncertain about the amounts, contact the County Assessor for the necessary information.

Interfund Loans tab

  • Enter the loan From fund, the loan To fund, the beginning balance, any additions and/or reductions, and the ending balance.
    • Beginning balance should equal the ending balance from the prior year's notes.
    • Add any new loans during the year and any payments to existing loans.
    • SAO will look at these so be sure you have the appropriate council approved action creating the loans, the loans have reasonable interest rates (cannot be 0%), and the loans have a set duration lasting no longer than three years.

Debt Service Requirements tab

  • Enter the Principal, Interest, and Total Debt Service from Amortization Table.  First list the five years preceding the annual report year separately, then group the remaining years into five-year groups.  

Defined Contribution Pension Plans


This is for deferred compensation matches.

OPEB Plans tab

  • OPEB stands for Other Post-Employment Benefits
  • Enter the plan name, plan administrator, type (Defined Benefit Plan/Defined Contribution Plan), # of active employees on the plan, # of retired employees on the plan, & employer contribution.

Risk Management tab

  • Review the list of risks and indicate if you are self-insured, not applicable, or name of insurer.

Component Units, Joint Ventures, and Related Parties


Previously this was reported under Other Disclosures

Other Disclosures tab

  • Enter title of other disclosure and any details about it.
Congratulations, you are done!


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