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How do I prepare responses to the Schedule 22?

Prepare Responses to Schedule 22 if revenues under $300,000 and for many special purpose districts.  However, it is recommended for all to get a head start on the audit.

  • Refer to FY2019_Schedule22_Guidance.pdf in  in SAO Files.
  • Login to SAO Online Services, go to Schedule 22, click through all the sections and then export Excel version to your Preparer Files folder.  
  • NOTE: this will not populate all of the questions, as some questions appear based on the answer to other questions, but most questions will be included.
  • Enter your responses and/or create attachments as PDF or Word files.  Use last year’s responses and/or attachments when applicable.
  • Login to SAO’s Online Services, open 2019 Annual Report, enter responses, copy/paste responses and attach files.
Congratulations, you are done!


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