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When is the deadline for submitting Annual Reports?

  • Obtain approval of filed report from your governing body before submission if possible. It can be done after submission by unlocking the report and making corrections prior to audit.  SAO recommends this as a means of allowing the board of directors and opportunity to review or accept the financial statements, and notes allows the governing body to carry out its role of overseeing financial reporting.

Submit Annual Reports by May 29th

  • Log in to SAO's Online Services and open 2019 Annual Report
    • Go to Submit Report, the final online step.
    • Click Sign Annual Report button.
    • Click Submit Annual Report button.
    • Now click Print All button to produce PDF document of submitted report then agree to selected totals from step 5 in Checklist 6.
    • Save PDF file to Preparer Files folder

•Preparer Files folder should contain:

  • All the files uploaded or attached to the SAO site as a part of online filing.
  • Supporting documentation (i.e. Workbook for Schedules and Notes.xlsx, responses to Schedules 21 and 22, etc.).
  • A PDF file of submitted report and Word document of Notes to Financial Statements for printing a complete report. When a PDF is produced from SAO site, inserted images in the Notes to Financial Statements do not show up properly in a PDF format. To have a complete report use a copy of the Notes to the Financial Statement from your saved Word document in the Preparer Files folder.
Congratulations, you are done!


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