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How do I pay employees by EFT? (Article)

This step is not needed if employees are paid by check.

EFT Setup needs to be completed before proceeding.  See How do I setup EFTs for payroll?

Paying Employees by EFT

After payroll has been completed and posted to the General Ledger, an Electronic Funds Transfer file can be created.

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Pay Cycles tab
  2. Click Create EFT
  1. Click Payroll tab
  2. Select Creation Date, date of the file.
  3. Payroll Date and Effective Date is the current pay date and date the Employee is paid.
  4. Select Acct # the Bank account used for paying employees. The rest of the information will auto-populate.
  5. The list of names will show the employees that will receive a payment. Leave Select unchecked If there are ones that should not be sent.
  6. The Payroll Folder will show the location that the payroll file will be saved.  This should be a secure folder location that has limited access to only those that need it.
  7. Click Create
  1. Enter a file name
  2. Click Open
  1. Click Print for a report of who was paid by EFT

Follow the instructions of your bank for processing the Payroll file.

An example EFT file.


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