BIAS Help CenterPayroll MaintenanceHow do I adjust leave balances? (article)

How do I adjust leave balances? (article)

Leave balances are set up to be calculated automatically.  However, there are occasions where manual adjustments need to be made.

Go to Advanced Payroll (v2) > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Pay Cycles tab
  2. Click to highlight employee that needs the adjustment
  3. Click Edit

For every accrual earning type, there should be an adjustment earning type.  Ex:  Vac Adj, Sick Adj, etc.  If it is not set up and assistance is needed, contact BIAS Support or submit a ticket.

  1. Click Edit
  2. Find the adjustment earning type for the appropriate accrual.  
  3. Enter Hours that need to be adjusted
  4. Click Save
  1. Click Accruals Totals tab to review adjustment
  2. Click Close


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