BIAS Help CenterPayroll MaintenanceHow do I set up BIAS Payroll?

How do I set up BIAS Payroll?

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Setup

  1. Click Defaults tab and enter set up information 
  1. Click each sub-tab L&I, Unemployment, SS-Med, Withholding, AEIC, Other, State Tax, DRS and Email in the Defaults tab and enter information.
  1.  Click Accruals tab, to add employee accruals. See How Do I Add or Edit an Accrual?" for more detail.  

Note that you will return to the Distributions tab once you have established your positions.

  1. Click Earnings tab, to add employee earning types. See How do I add or Edit a Pay Item?" for more detail.
  1.  Click Benefits & Deductions, to add employee benefits and deductions. See How do I Add or Edit a Benefit/Deduction?" for more detail.  
  1. Click Positions to enter employee positions and pay defaults.
  1. Click Pay Cycles tab to define the different types of payrolls that are run and what earnings types, accruals and deductions will apply.  


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