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How do I review deduction and benefit changes?

Before processing payroll, make sure you review each employee's pay, accrual and benefit rates.  The next review date can be used to keep track of annual pay increases or step changes.

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Employees tab
  2. Click to highlight Employee
  3. Click View
  1. Click Deductions & Benefits Tab
  2. Click Edit

Employee deduction amounts show up on the left in plain text column headings.  Employer amounts show up on the right in bold text column headings.

  • Plan Category determines the employee's deduction and the employer benefit expenses.  Once Plan Category is selected, the amounts can be manually changed for the individual employee.
  • Flat is used for standard dollar amounts.
  • Decimal is used for percentage deductions in decimal format (3% becomes 0.03).
  • Minimum / Maximum are used in conjunction with the Decimal rate deduction.  These will control minimum and maximum calculations per paycheck.
  • Cap is the annual deduction maximum.  This is useful for elective retirement contributions with an IRS designated maximum.
  • Save locks in a custom value for the employee that will not change even when the default plan value changes.

When using the Split function, make sure the employee and employer amounts represent the full monthly cost.  BIAS will deduct 50% from the first paycheck in the month and deduct the remainder in the second paycheck of the same month.  

If the amount is changed in between the two paychecks, it will reset the deduction and the employees paycheck will be wrong.

  • Tax Basis is the flat amount added to employees taxable basis for Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Withholding.  This shows up as Taxable Benefits on paycheck Adjustments tab.
  • Split is used if using flat deduction.  The amount will be split between first and second paychecks in a month.


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