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How do I add or edit an earning item?

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Set-Up

  1. Click Earnings tab
  2. Click Add New for a new pay item or click to highlight pay item to edit, click Edit 

  1. Enter pay Item description this will print the employee pay stub.

  1. Select Earning Type.  See separate article on "How do I add or edit an accrual?"

  1. Check Inc Hrs to have pay item's related hours count towards total hours worked.

  1. Select Class other than Salary and Hourly all pay items should be none, except Draws select Refund.

  1. Check On Rate to have the paid rate calculated from their base salary rate per hour.  

  1. Enter Factor to calculate pay item based on a factor of base salary.  For example, overtime pay is 1.5 times the base salary rate per hour.

  1. Check Hrly to use shift differential.

  1. Enter Print order for pay item as compared with other pay items.  Setting print to "3" for instance will place this 3rd in the list for print order.

  1. Select W2 Box & Code to add appropriate W2 reporting box and code.  For more on W2 see "How do I create W2s & W3s?"

  1. Check L&I and Unemp  for pay items subject to L&I and Unemployment wage reporting.  

  1. Select Ret determine whether retirement calculations for reporting to DRS will include hours, wages or both for this pay item.

  1. Check Active  or leave unchecked pay item is no longer used to exclude it from showing on pay stubs.

  1. Select DRS Report based on Date Earned or Prorated.

  1. Click Save
Congratulations, you are done!


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