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How do I add a new employee?

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Employees tab
  2. Click Add New

Set up employee information

Only the Setup and Notes Tabs are initially available.  At a minimum, the employee's Social Security number must be entered, Pay Period, as well as Group, Position, Range and Step for the other tabs to be visible.  DO NOT PRESS SAVE BEFORE THIS IS COMPLETED!

  1. Click Setup tab
  2. Enter Personal Information a social security number must be entered.

  1. Enter Federal Taxes
  2. Enter Position
  3. Click Save

After the basic information is entered, additional tabs will appear.

Pay Items Tab

Pay Items will automatically populate based on the Payroll Setup.

  1. Click Pay Items tab
  2. Click Add New
  3. Select Group

  1. Enter or Edit Position, Range, & Step, if necessary.  This must be done in the Pay Items tab.  

  1. Enter pay Items

  1. Enter Distribution, click on blue magnifying glass by to add multiple distributions to a single pay item.

  1. Enter L&I Class with the appropriate category for L&I pay items.
  2. Click Save

Accruals Tab

  1. Click Accruals tab
  2. Click Add New

  1. Select Item

  1. Select Step for the employees position.

  1. Check Def Roll and Emp Roll if the accrual rolls into the next year.

  1. Enter Def Cap and Emp Cap if needed.
  2. Click Save

Deductions & Benefits tab

This is the section for adding medical, dental and retirement.

  1. Click Benefits & Deductions tab
  2. Click Add New to add additional deductions or benefits.

  1. Enter Plan Name

  1. Enter Plan Category,  Unique is the Plan Category that allows for a custom set up.

Save box must be checked prior to editing Unique settings

  1. Click Save


Enter additional notes on the employee here.

Congratulations, you are done!


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