How do I assign check numbers?

Check numbers are assigned in a batch process.  If printing checks, be sure to verify the next check number on the physical check stock.  If a county prints the checks, this step is just a required process.

Go to  Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Pay Cycles tab
  2. Click Assign Check #s

  1. Select Account Number that is issuing the checks.
  2. Enter Starting Number
  3. Click Assign, this will fill in check numbers for all non-EFT paychecks.

Assigning check numbers is a REQUIRED step before payroll can be posted.  If a county issues the paychecks, assign any number to the checks.

It is good practice to verify the next available check number by looking at the physical check stock.

To review or change check numbers or EFT, open the paycheck, and go to the Adjustments tab.  The Check Number and EFT checkbox are in the lower right corner.

Congratulations, you are done!


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