How do I review pay changes?

Before processing payroll, make sure to review each employee's pay, accrual and benefit rates.  The Next Review date in the employee Setup tab can be used to know when to make  annual pay increases or step changes.

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Employees tab
  2. Click to highlight Employee
  3. Click View

  1. Click Pay Items tab
  2. Click Edit

  1. Group, Position, Range, and Step are linked to default wage rates.  Enter changes accordingly to employee salary and hourly rates.

  1. The Distribution cell is linked to the BARS expenditure distribution table that was created during setup.  To edit, click on the blue magnifying glass to the right of the Distribution cell to select another expenditure account.

  1. Default Hours will automatically add hours for every paycheck.
  2. Hourly Rate or Salary  will automatically update to default settings based Position, Range, and Step.  
  3. Shift is used is the hours worked require a shift differential.  If so, add the differential rate here.  This will add the differential to the normal hourly rate for the specific pay item.
  4. Rate is a calculated wage item such as Longevity.  Select Rate for desired employee.  Rates are established during setup.
  5. L&I Class is assigned to the appropriate earning item Salary, Overtime, etc.  Only items representing hours worked should have an L&I Class.  Rates are established during setup.

If a different wage is needed that is not the default hourly wage for the Group, Position, Range, and Step, check Override on the earning line and enter the correct amount.

Congratulations, you are done!


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