How do I review EFT changes?

Before processing payroll, make sure to review each employee's pay, accrual and benefit rates.  The Next Review date in the employee Setup tab can be used to know when to make  annual pay increases or step changes.

Go to Advanced Payroll > Payroll Control Center

  1. Click Employees tab
  2. Click to highlight Employee
  3. Click EFT

  1. Click Bank Accounts tab
    • Name is the arbitrary name for the account.  (Example: Primary Account)
    • Account is the bank routing number immediately followed by bank account number in one ling string of numbers (sane way it's listed on the check).
    • Select Type Checking or Savings
    • Primary will identify the main account used for EFT, there can be only one.
    • Prenoted indicates whether the account has been verified with a prenote file through your bank.  This function is optional and accounts can still be used if not prenoted.

If the employee wants to have a certain amount sent to one account and the remainder to another, add only the additional accounts for EFT in the Pay Cycle Additional Distributions tab.

Click Pay Cycle Additional Distributions tab

  • Pay Cycle is for any additional distributions that are controlled separately for each pay cycle type.  An employee can have a certain amount go to another account on Monthly payroll and still have a Draw go entirely to the primary account.
  • Order is the order that additional distributions will take place.
  • Account is designation for non-primary accounts used for additional distributions.  The remainder will always to the primary account.
  • Number is the bank routing and account number for the selected account.
  • Rate will designate how much should go to the additional account.  The remainder of the check will go to the primary account.

If the rate is less than one, BIAS assumes it is a percentage.  If the rate is more than one, BIAS assumes it is whole dollars.  (0.10 would be 10% and 10.00 would be $10.)

Congratulations, you are done!


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