Parcels - define property in BIAS Permitting.  Information found in the parcel screen includes subdivision information, zoning, occupancy type, etc., as well as the legal description and owner and occupant information.

Permits - are the fees, approvals, conditions, and inspections that are required to gain authorization to do an activity.  An activity, such as building a fence or remodeling a bathroom, or can be part of a larger project that contains multiple permits.  Permits can be added or removed from a project as well as issued individually.

Projects - BIAS helps streamline permit creation by grouping common permits together by project.  EX: Residential and Commercial building. Projects contain permits that are required to complete and activity.  An example is a residential Project that has a plumbing permit, mechanical permit, and a building permit.  Each permit authorizes construction on a different function of the house, but none of the permits authorize the contractor to build the entire house alone.

Permit Types - are one of the main ways to organize and filter projects.  The "type" also controls the default permits, inspections, and approvals that are required, as well as other basic information.  These are defined under Advanced Setup.

Project Numbers - are assigned temporarily until the project invoice has been paid.  At which point a permanent number is assigned.  Permanent project numbers are the year and then the number of projects made for the year.  An example for a project made in 2016 and is the 14th project made would be 2016.0014.  A permanent number can be assigned earlier by clicking on the Issue Project # button when creating or editing a project.

Permit Numbers - consist of the year, the number of permits for the year, and the number of the permit type made.  An example for a building permit that was made in 2016, the the 10th permit made this year, and the second building permit for the year would be:  2016.0010.BP02.  Permit numbers are assinged when the permit is invoiced or manually assigned; otherwise a permit number will be blank. Permit numbers can be assigned earlier by clicking the Get Permit Number button, or it may be assigned manually.  A permanent number means the permit may only be voided and cannot be deleted.