What Are Common Permitting Tasks?

Issuing and Printing Permits

Go to Permitting Control Center > Projects Tab > Select Specific Project

Permits may be printed from the Permits tab in the Project screen.  

  1. Click Print Permit.
  2. To print all permits in a project, simply select All instead of a specific permit.
  3. Click Preview or Printer to print.

Go to Permitting Control Center > Permit Tab > Select Specific Permit

  1. Individual permits may also be printed from the Permit screen by clicking the print icon next to the permit number.
Manually Setting a Permit Number
  1. Click Get Permit Number.
  2. Click Yes to the verification screen.
Change Expiration Dates
  1. Click on the Expiration Date.  (If no date is set yet, the mouse pointer will change to a hand when you are in the correct location).
  2. Enter the new expiration date and a reason for the change.
  3. Click Save.
Move a Permit Into or Out of a Project
  1. Click on the Move button located right of the project number.  The move permit screen will open.
  2. To move into a project, double click on the Target Project box and select the desired project or to remove a permit from a project, check the Remove from Project checkbox.
  3. Click Move Permit.
  4. Click Yes to move the permit.
Review A Permit Cancellation Date and Reason

Hover the mouse over the red Canceled status to see the date and reason for the cancellation.

Changing A Permit Type

Changing a permit's type can be done in the permit window.

This is not typical.  This is usually only done with unassigned deposits.

  1. To change the type, simply choose the desired type in the drop-down.
Moving A Permit From One Parcel To Another

A permit may be moved from one parcel to another parcel.

  1. Click the Move Permit button located next to the parcel number on the Edit Permit screen.  The Select Parcel screen will open.
  2. Locate the desired parcel from the list and select it by either double-clicking on the parcel or by pressing the Select button at the bottom of the screen.